Produktmuster bestellen

Our brand new wondercake brings a smile to your face, spoils the senses, melts on the tongue, smoothes the soul ….

wondercake® sweetens the day. Just open the tin, stick our wondercandle® into it, light it and after enjoying the amazing sparkles be delighted by our delicious cake inside.

Our wondercake® is completely “Made in Germany”. Produced by a traditional and innovative family bakery, managed for three generations, our wondercake stirring cake is manufactured exclusively for us from natural and high quality ingredients in the can. The enclosed wooden spoon is made of beech wood from sustainable forests and is produced in Northern Germany. After use it will be recycled.

In collaboration with handycapped workers in Germany (Behindertenwerk – stätten der Lebenshilfe e.V) the wondercake® is packed and joined with our wondercandle®.

Therefore we gladly pronounce our long-term and succesful business relationship with the previously mentioned company.