Produktmuster bestellen

The music playing sparkler shoots sparks up to 60cm in the air. With its pointed end the MUSICSPARKLER fits perfectly on cakes, ice-cream bombs or flower pots. All that is left to do now: Light the MUSIKSPARKLER and press the button below and you will have a sparkling eyecatcher with either the Happy-Birthday-Song, the wedding-march or the Christmas classic Jingle Bells.

Surprise your loved ones with a 40 second firework accompanied with music – is there anything that can compete with that?

Of course you can receive the refills from us also.

… the singing sparkly surprise musicsparkler® to be reused with a 3 pieces refill set for birthdays, weddings or Christmas.

 The silver-sparkling surprise.
The mainly known from “Love Boat” and popular sparkling stars are the perfect highlight for every occasion.