Is it possible to design the background for the wondercandle® individually?

A individual design is already possible for small amounts. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there a minimum order quantity? There is no minimum order quantity. Merely packaging units are given.

How long is the usual delivery time? We give our best effort for a promptly delivery of your order within 5 work days, provided that the product is in stock.

Is it possible to order single symbols or articles? You can reorder each product in their given packaging units.

Is there a minimum value of goods ordered? We do not have minimum value of goods ordered. If you need a character, you can always reorder it, taking only packaging units into account.

How long does a wondercandle® sparkle? The different characters have different burning periods. Usually it takes about 30 to 40 seconds per piece.

Which part of a wondercandle® do I ignite? If possible, the end of the character. It can take longer to ignite endless characters. We recommend to ignite with a lighter with jetflame.

Is it possible to give an individual shape to a wondercandle®?

In general, it is possible to give an individual shape to a wondercandle.

Is it possible to let several wondercandle® sparkle at the same time without having to ignite each character? Provided that the characters are in direct contact, a by and by ignition is possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

Is the display always provided? The display is always for free for retailers, when ordering a complete set.

Is it safe to use a wondercandle®? Our wondercandle® has been tested and certified several times and meets all regula- tory requirements. However caution is demanded as always when handling open fire sources.

Do you have any advice as to how to use a wondercandle®? Please follow instructions for use. There you will find all the advice that is necessary.

Are the “Regen” filled with gas or compressed air? All “Regen” are filled with compressed air.

Is it difficult to “shoot” a “Regen”? You will have to use some force in order to “shoot” the “Regen”. This is intended to prevent an accidentally „shot“. Please follow instructions for use on the product.